Delivery Details

Delivery Details

Upon checkout, the following information must be provided:

  • Billing Information

All payments are processed through our secure online payment system (  The billing information is required to hold an order, but will not be billed until the delivery has been made.

  • Rental Unit, Condo, or Hotel Address

Include the exact address or location for grocery drop off (include unit number if applicable). This enables our team to ensure the delivery is made to the proper location.

  • Arrival & Contact Information

This includes the delivery date, arrival time,  cell phone number, and property manager contact. These details allow for TahoeToYourDoor to fully stock your rental property prior to your arrival. In the circumstance that prior entry is unavailable, we will set up an alternative time that is most convenient for you.

* For us to gain access to your rental, you may need to contact your rental manager to confirm your order through TTYD.

To ensure that we deliver to your location, please view our coverage map.

“You make the call and we’ll deliver!”