Finally some skiing!

After the weekend storms, Squaw finally opened again. Although the lifts were delayed past their normal 9 am start, today was incredibly fun. The snow was surprisingly good! Shirley and Solitude were up and running and the Mainline hike was opened too. It looks like a few more lifts will be on the schedule for tomorrow.

For the first week of December, the conditions today were great. The snow level was still pretty high and skiing top to bottom was not an option….. downloading the Funitel is starting to be kind of a pain! This being said, much of the upper mountain looked pretty plastered with snow. The palisades had good coverage, as did Mainline, the Palisades, and Granite Peak. Taking the high traverse from Shirley to Granite was the highlight of the day. Early on, these turns were flawlessly untracked. Additionally, not many exposed rocks were threatening the recently tuned skis. If downloading the Funi is the only sacrifice we have to make, so be it.

While lots of smiles and many good turns were visible today, we here at TTYD are looking forward to another exceptional day on the hill for Tuesday, Dec. 4th.