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What we do…

Pre-order all of your grocery needs with us and we will deliver them before you arrive. TahoeToYourDoor provides a unique service offering North Lake Tahoe visitors the opportunity to maximize their vacation experience by avoiding the trip to the grocery store.

Why we do it…

Going to the grocery store is the last thing anyone wants to do when arriving on vacation. With TTYD, Lake Tahoe visitors can avoid the chaotic grocery stores and arrive on vacation already stocked. TTYD was created in order to give you more time to relax and enjoy the beautiful area.

Convenience is key…

TTYD’s user-friendly site enables shoppers to view a wide variety of grocery products offered at local Safeway stores. In addition to individual product listings, we have all previous orders on record and can easily make additions/removals to your list. The accelerated shopping service is complimented by our timely delivery and complete stocking of your kitchen before you arrive!


*If you prefer to manually type out your list of desired products, please fill out our Online Order Form.


“Let us do the shopping for you!”