Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us…

  • Avoid the hassle of North Lake Tahoe grocery stores. Whether waiting in long checkout lines or trying to find a parking space, the trip to the grocery store is the last thing anyone wants to do when arriving on vacation. Eliminate the grocery store completely and spend more quality time with friends, family, and the beautiful outdoors. We are based locally and capable of delivering in all weather conditions.
  • We specialize in grocery delivery.  While other companies or property managers offer a similar service, they can charge up to $75 per hour plus a hefty delivery fee.  Since delivering groceries is all we do, we have the ability to charge much less for a more customized and simple process.
  • There are NO hidden fees.  There are no price increases on any products. Prices for every product that you order will be straight from our local Safeway stores here in North Lake Tahoe.  This means you will be provided a receipt with an item-by-item breakdown of what was purchased in the store.
  • The order process is extremely convenient.  Within minutes of shopping, the items on your grocery list are crossed off and placed into your virtual shopping cart. There aren’t any forms that need to be printed off and sent in or faxes involved. Just order and checkout all online. Upon arrival to your  home or rental,  your kitchen will be completely stocked!



“The ONLY line you should wait
in is the lift line!”